A VR tool for McGill genomic researchers

Updated – July 2018

We are pleased to announce that a new virtual reality mandate is being offered to BMU by McGill.

Original publication – June 2017

BMU Neuro Vr Labs helps McGill University and Genome Canada to collaborate with researchers all around the world.

The Smart Room allows to interact seamlessly with 3d SGI genetic materials.

With this growing amount of information, traditional analytical methods may not always would not be able to better collaborate. Immersive insights are the results of genetic materials combined with visualizing data in 3D and viewing data from new angles and perspectives.

BMU Neuro Vr labs helps scientists identify key patterns, relationships, and outliers in seconds, where it would normally take hours of work.

This project helps users from different located research center to explore their data, and communicate findings.

A VR tool for McGill genomic researchers

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