Leica BLK247 + BMU AI

As a scientific hub, our team is dedicated to enhancing human experiences, safety, and business performance through advances in AI, VR and AR technologies. Our partnership with Leica, as a technology integrator, merges several of our decision-making solutions with the measurement and capture capabilities of the BLK247 camera. Our solution, Detections AI, addresses many needs in terms of security but also benevolent surveillance, training and measures related to human activity.

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The BLK247 won the Security Industry Association’s Best New Product of 2020 award in partnership with ISC West.

Our expertise is biometric measurements coupled with Artificial Intelligence and Biofeedback.

BMU AI Leica geosystems Detection IA

We offer ready-to-deploy integrated multi-sensorial analytic platforms for an ever-growing number of intelligent assistant solution modules, including those for the Defense and Security sectors. Our products are designed to ready our customers for the Human-Machine Era.

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