Colloque créativité – When your brain send you messages

During the Colloque Créativité in France by Mine d’Alès,, our team was given the mandate to allow the participant to see how the brain waves can discover the emotions of a person watching a video of futuristic vehicles.

BMU Labs - Colloque créativité Mine d'Alès France

BMU Labs has developed a system that not only is able to read a person’s mental states with respect to the emotions they are experiencing, but has also deployed artificial intelligence software. This solution makes it possible, according to the measured emotions, to set up a new scenario that better corresponds to the desired state of the participant.

Our development teams collaborate with world-renowned research centers and work closely with PhDs in neuroscience. Many scientific publications on this solution are available on the page Products (anglais)

Colloque créativité – When your brain send you messages

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