Détections AI – The fusion of sensors at the service of companies.

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Our innovation integration company is pleased to announce a new distribution deal with  Leica Geosystems . Thanks to the combination of our expertise in AI, computer vision, sensor integration and mastery of virtualized experiences and the addition of the latest laser scanning technology, Leica BLK247 , BMU IA wishes to offer manufacturers a complete security solution.


As an integrator provider for Leica, BMU wants to develop an end-to-end solution with the BLK247 to enable customers to securely view, track and manage valuable assets. Sectors such as energy, mining or even private industrial sites will be able to benefit from this solution. Our software will be able to feed real-time alerts, as well as training and support for all remote stakeholders. Users of this solution will be able to track activity, volumetric changes and monitor security in specific geo-fenced areas or areas that do not require permanent human presence. An intelligent agent will detect changes in zones according to time, size, direction,speed and segment secure lanes for normal traffic flow to eliminate false alarms.


Automated monitoring eliminates human error, saves time spent on video analysis, and protects critical assets. The Leica BLK247 is designed to provide continuous monitoring in any environment and capture data in multiple formats, including LiDAR, thermal and video. Yan Cyr , CEO of BMU commented on this new technological collaboration : “Leica, already a leader in the reality capture market, has now developed a revolutionary persistent laser scanning product which, together with our vision of integration in innovation, creates a solution that will transform the industry from asset monitoring to the formation and production of digital twins. “

BMU AI Leica geosystems Detection IA

On the strength of our integration projects in the fields of Defense, the mining sector or even health and well-being, BMU IA also relies on its perfect mastery of virtual reality environments, used upstream for detection and downstream for training. This vision makes it possible to address both the monitoring and security needs of strategic sites and to maintain constantly improving performance in health and safety at work.

BMU AI continues to integrate the latest emerging technologies to accommodate projects of all sizes in a fast-paced market – simplifying the digital transformation process for businesses.  

Détections AI – The fusion of sensors at the service of companies.

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