Emotions analyzis to maximize the effectiveness of trailer advertising.

From movie to game trailer, People select contents based on the emotions they want to experience, that’s why, as a film producer or game publisher, you aim to deliver a maximum impact with the strongest content. Moreover, you want to be alert if your promotional assets are weak.

BMU - Movie Trailer industry

To go further, we know that emotions lead to action such as buying theater ticket or games. Many scientific publications have already proven the great benefits of using EEG measures to understand and improve trailers editing content.

During the last 3 years, we have developed powerful solutions suitable for the trailer industry. Our solutions is focus on full skull EEG measures delivered within a couple of minutes. Let’s explain how it works.

1- Upload the trailer to be analysed  in the BMU solution, put the EEG headset on a moviegoer and watch the trailer.

BMU - Movie trailer Solo 2

2 – Up to 80 mental states of mind are analyzed within minutes.

BMU - Movie trailer Process

3 – The automatic report is full of great insights and easily understandable in addition of a full cognitive playback reader.

BMU - Movie trailer replay

4- Access quickly to the emotional transitions chart to know parts of your trailer are engaging or not.

BMU - Movie trailer emotransition

5 – A final automatic report presents the complete analysis including main mental states, tops and flops. You can also replay specific trailer parts from the emotional storyboard.

BMU - Movie trailer Results

No need to have a Phd, the analyzis displays the most relevant parts of your trailer, where it’s impactful or weak. You want to Keep your customer engage to enhance your creation and maximize the effectiveness of trailer, get our solution now.

Emotions analyzis to maximize the effectiveness of trailer advertising.

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