Colloque Créativité 2018 – an immersive journey

  • Imagine you could navigate around a vehicule that does not exist but in the head of a designer?
  • Imagine you could not only see a design concept before it could be made but you understand what really matter for a futur driver?

BMU Labs - Holodeck Mine d'Alès

Thanks to Virtual Reality, BMU Labs will introduce 5 futuristic vehicules, designed by Imaginactive.

During Colloque Créatvité by Mine d’Alès, participants will have the opportunity to test 2 versions of holodeck (an immersive space in virtual or augmented reality). The first is static, it offers in a defined space and allows to see and interact with a mini catalog of vehicles. The second offers what is called free movement space, it’s an open space, the participant will have the opportunity to physically move, walk around the vehicles he will choose to view.

Other experiments will be offered at this symposium, such as neural measurement from brain waves. Continue to follow us in order to learn more about the solutions developed by the BMU Labs.

Colloque Créativité 2018 – an immersive journey

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